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Debate: Should You Join the Entrepreneurship in Africa

As unemployment continues to plague many African countries, many youths have turned to entrepreneurship as a solution to the challenges they face in the job market. 

But before you venture into entrepreneurship, do you know your ‘WHY’? Do you want to solve a problem with your business or make good money? Is it to continue a family legacy or build something new? It’s important to know your WHY!

Your why drives you to persist and pursue your idea to its logical conclusion and break boundaries to see your vision through. Your why drives your passion and focus. People who want to solve a problem see an opportunity in the market, identify a problem and uniquely position themselves to solve that problem.

Usually, no one is initially interested in the ideas of others so you have to be confident about your idea and your path to pursuing it. If you truly believe in your idea, other people will soon join and help you build it. It’s okay when, not if, doubts set in because they push you to break boundaries to become better and seek genuine criticism from experts and other like-minded people. 

Many businesses are aware of what they do; a few more know how they do it, and even fewer know why they exist. 

Your why is your call, purpose and belief. According to countless successful business people, the best path towards financial success is to build something the world really needs and to fun while doing so. 

What is your why and what will keep you on the mission you have started today? Share with us your vision and thoughts below. 

Please leave your questions and comments below. 

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