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Self-Paced Learning Tools and Programs to Boost Your CV and Experience

Are you searching for ways to boost your resume? Perhaps you are passionate about an area and have some experience in that field but want to improve your skills and add some credentials to your CV? Why not add a few certifications to your resume.

Below are a few free or inexpensive certifications and classes you should consider:

1.    Google Analytics Certification- Google Analytics Academy is free and easy to access. Simply go to analyticsacademy.google.com and register for a course. They are self-paced, have instructional videos and tests, and will award you a certificate of completion that you can add to your TalentsInAfrica profile and your CV.

2.    EDX has Microsoft Word and Excel courses that will earn you a certification in proficiency once you complete it. Excel is an in-demand skill, and having a certification will show employers that you have a high level of experience with it.

3.    Write your own research and thought-leading articles and publish them on LinkedIn or your own website. This will show that you are an active thinker, and can write and express yourself eloquently. 

4.    Coursera has a load of classes in finance, English, statistics, and many others. Some are paid, while some are free, but everyone is welcome to apply for a waiver in the form of a scholarship through the site.

5.    Hootsuite Academy has a social media certification that they award upon the completion of their classes and test. This will allow you to demonstrate a knowledge of social media tools and practices.

6. SoloLearn gives you the opportunity to learn to code for free! Learn C++, Python, or Java at your own pace, which you can then add to the skills on your resume.

There are a lot more other software and apps for you to learn new skills and practices old ones. Let us know which ones you use below. 

Did we miss anything? Be sure to leave your questions and comments below. 

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