TalentsinAfrica Scale Up With New Functionalities, a digital talent searching platform in Africa was launched in 2018 by Emmanuel Leslie Addae and his long standing partner Daniel Amoako Antwi.  Just like every successful start-up that is there today, there is one thing they have in common with That is the fact that they all have a pretty interesting background story. The success story of is more like a ‘rags to riches’ type because it was not  started on gold or abundant wealth.

In March 2017, the two buddies came out with an idea of creating a better way for their fellows from the Africa Skills Hub (formerly Africa Internship Academy) to upload their resume and get matched with employers. Exactly 4 months of creating the platform, they had over 50,000 active job seekers uploading their resumes. In the same month, they were able to raise $10,000 seed capital from GoodSoil Venture Capital to buy their first servers to handle the searches.

In November 2017, the two founders raised additional $25,000 seed capital from Twelve Spring Investment Group to improve the platform and create a dashboard for employers and recruiters.

Job searching to become easy for job-seekers with TalentsinAfrica's new job searching feature for applicants in Sub-Saharan Africa. has now grown beyond job search; it is now a recruitment software that simplifies the recruitment process, letting you perform targeted searches and connect with active job seekers matching your specific hiring requirements. Now there are more than 200,000 resumes in its database. Talents Community now charges employers and recruiters in sourcing for talents using their search engine. 

“Our solution is a marketplace technology platform that screens young african candidates and allows them to acquire skills badges before being matched to employers . In our effort to upsell African talent to both local and international employers, we have developed new functionalities that capture the best of existing recruitment platforms while responding to the intricacies and challenges of workforce development across Africa” stated  Emmanuel Leslie Addae, Co Founder at TalentsinAfrica.

The platform has proprietary tests tools that allow candidates to upskill their skills then suggest job opportunities to them, like Facebook suggests friends. In this way, candidates are exposed  to various course competencies like – Management, Entrepreneurship, Digital Transformation, Leadership, Data Science, E-commerce, Operations, Strategy and Sustainabilities. 

TalentsinAfrica search tool solely uses skills to identify job opportunities and candidates. The platform also allows candidates to acquire SKILLS BADGE in their particular competency. After, there is an authentication/verification on the candidates profile and this means they are now open to any job  opportunities on the platform. 

To quickly gain access to a skilled pool, TalentsinAfrica  have developed an innovative partnership model that allows candidates to be sourced from capacity builders such as IBM’s Digital Nation, HP Life, Google Digital Skills,  and Microsoft Learns.  

The digital platform through its partnership model, has positioned itself to rapidly scale across the African continent.

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