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5 Reasons TalentsinAfrica is Your Perfect Job Search Engine

Finding a job in Africa is incredibly difficult. Many of us have grown used to relying on a system called ‘Who You Know’ to find opportunities. But that often leaves us disappointed when contacts fall through or opportunities are not the right fit. 

With growing access to technology, Africans have the opportunity to find jobs not only in Africa but around the world, online. Job boards are one avenue through which candidates have a fair chance of meeting employers and connecting with the right opportunities. 

TalentsInAfrica is one such job board through which to do so. With its vision to help the continent’s more than 140 million unemployed youth find work, the platform has unique functions that allow African candidates to not only get noticed but to shine in front of employers in Africa and around the world. 

Below are 5 unique benefits of TalentsinAfrica: 

1. Build your professional profile focusing on your skills, not credentials 

Many, if not all, job boards require you to fill out your profile with information about your education, past job experiences, and other credentials. But on a continent where many young people have never had the chance for formal employment, this system does not work! So many candidates cannot get jobs because their profiles are half empty and do not sell them.

TalentsinAfrica focuses on skills first. Perhaps you went to school and got a degree in accounting but have since found that you are good at social media marketing and want to explore that area. We show employers the skills, personality and ability you say you have, first, and they meet you on that premise.

We want you to shine and we will continue to do everything to make sure that if you have the skills and are willing to work hard, you will get an opportunity. 

2. Employers can easily connect with you and vice versa.

Once you upload your profile to our platform, employers can find you based on your skills. But just as they can find you, you can also find them. Explore thousands of unique opportunities from our featured employers who have come on our website because they are looking to hire African youth. 

3. You can search all of the jobs online (over 100,000) on one platform 

By putting into the search bar the type of job and the location of the job you are looking for, you can find every single job ad online about that role on TalentsinAfrica. 

Because we believe in bringing you all of the opportunities available to you, we will never limit your search to just the job offers from employers on our platform. All of the opportunities in the world are available to you here!

4. Learn about employers who are aligned with your interests through their company page 

A big part of the problem with employment in Africa is discovering employers who are hiring. It is difficult to get information about employers in Africa and even around the world. There might be a perfect job opportunity for you at a company but because you have never heard of the company, you never applied for the job. Learn about companies and what they are looking for in candidates on our company career pages. Save those who are not hiring for later because at one point, they will hire, and it is always a good idea to have them on your radar. 

5. Get pertinent career advice that is relevant to the African market

Our career advice platform provides you with insight on how to build your CV, cover letters, excel at interviews, get tips on your salary and use your employability skills and passion to find the right job for you. But this is not just any career advice! We take the time to make sure that the career advice is relevant to you as a candidate in Africa - addressing your specific needs and concerns. 

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