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Employers are increasingly interested in candidates with certain skills and abilities. The old ways of searching for jobs online are no longer useful in finding the right job for you.

Finding exceptional talents in Africa just got easier

Compare candidates and use automated communications to save time while recruiting the best talents. In today’s talents ecosystem, locating the right talent is expensive and time consuming. Recruiters complain of the risk of missing the best talent and not having enough sourcing options.

Our Solution

Talents in Africa uses an integrated technological solution to remove bottlenecks and frictions in connecting Africa’s youth to work. Our tools up-sell African candidates while our recruitment software enables recruiters to efficiently and effectively find talent, all the while collecting data to feed to our artificial intelligence software to amplify the scale and efficiency of our work. Every candidate in our database has a detailed profile coupled with comprehensive skills and talents assessment scores based on the 21st century skills for millennials. This ensures that the short-listing is targeted, reducing the chances of missing the right candidates or spending time on the wrong ones.

Competitive Advantage

Our platform’s competitive advantage is in our integrated tools that address employers concerns in the African market. This includes a focus on ability rather than education, and verification icons, active status updates, and skill search. For candidates, we help you to discover your talents and skills, crucial for finding and landing the right job. Our job board crawls all existing platforms so that candidates get access to all relevant opportunities. We also provide insightful content to help you build a great career. Some of the largest recruiters in Ghana use our database to recruit hundreds of individuals every year.

Why The Focus On Africa?

Africa has the youngest population in the world. It is also the fastest growing economic region in the world. In 2016, half of the world's 25 fastest growing countries were in Africa, and McKinsey projects that the continent could add an additional 54 to 72 million stable wage jobs by 2020. Youth employment, however, has not caught up to economic growth and increasing access to education. The continent churns out about 10 million graduates out of its tertiary institutions every year. Although the number of young people entering the workforce each year outpaces annual job creation, employers have difficulty finding suitable talent for the jobs that do exist. Around 140 million young people in Africa are unemployed, with another 140 million in vulnerable employment. Youth unemployment threatens to undermine progress made thus far. Many unemployed African youths are, however, online, with about 130 mobile devices to every 100 people in Africa. Through the power of technology, we help African youth identify their talents and ability, search for jobs, upsell their skills, and ultimately land their dream job. We connect candidates to employers who use our proprietary tools to easily search, filter, and communicate with the best talents. Through these efforts, we are helping to meaningfully address the crippling youth unemployment problem on the continent.

Meet The Team

We are passionate about helping people find jobs. We are looking to grow our team with people who share our energy and enthusiasm for creating the best experience for job and talent seekers.

Emmanuel Leslie Addae

Co-Founder/ CEO

Bridget Boakye

Co-Founder/ BDM

Isaac Bremang Darko


Daniel Amoako Antwi

Head of Sales and Marketing

Catherine Aba Asare

Recruiter/Account Manager

Ramatu Abubakar

Office Manager

Bless K. Amenyo

Key Account Manager

Philip Mensah Okpoti

Client Response Assistant Manager

Advisors & Investors

Raghav Lal
Orla Enright
Ashley Thompson-MacCarthy
Michael Lutterodt Quarcoo Amaning

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